AquaJoy Salt Chlorinators

AquaJoy Unique G Series

Self Cleaning, Salt Water Swimming Pool Chlorinators

The AquaJoy UNIQUE G series chlorinator by Joy Pool Systems is the mid range, self cleaning salt chlorinator with new features to protect your investment and extend the life of your system.

The UNIQUE G Series, self cleaning salt water chlorinator has come about from years of research & design to make a unit that is simple to use, cost effective and reliable for the harsh Australian environment.

Unique G Series


  • Mid Range Model

  • Overload Protection with Display Alert

  • Overload Cell Protection

  • Grasslin Timeclock

  • High Quality 15000 hour cell electrode material

  • Ideal salt level between 4000 & 5000 ppm (Required)

Available in three sizes.

UNIQUE G15 - for pools up to 45,000 litres.

UNIQUE G25 - for pools up to 90,000 litres.

UNIQUE G40 - for pools up to 150,000 litres.


  • 3 Year Power Pack

  • 3 Year Replacement followed by additional 3 year pro rata on Electrode

(Please Note: 1 Year Warranty on unit for commercial installations)