100MHz Dual Channel Oscilloscope with Digital Storage

100MHz Dual Channel Oscilloscope with Digital Storage

Gone are the days of bulky cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO)s. This is a lightweight and compact unit featuring a large 7-inch colour-LCD for detailed readings. It also includes a waveform generator for various testing applications. Grab your favourite USB drive to provide digital storage capabilities, or expand beyond the unit itself. By connecting to it to your computer via the provided USB cable, you can use the included software for even greater control and data storage options.


- Two channel
- High accuracy
- Waveform generator
- FFT: Windows: Hanning, Flatop, Rectangular, Bartlett, Blackman; 1024 sample point
- Range: 4ns/div - 40s/div
- Accuracy: +/-50ppm > 1ms interval

  • Technical Specifications

    Width : 320.0mm
    Height : 150.0mm
    Depth : 125.0mm
    Weight : 2.0kg