20MHz USB Oscilloscope

20MHz USB Oscilloscope

This unit does away with more of the hardware and provides a highly accurate interface to allow software to provide the display. It still provides 20MHz bandwidth and high accuracy and physical probe couplings, but takes up a fraction of the bench-space. Use the included software to provide just about all standard oscilloscope functions, and even output waveforms to excel/word files. Convenient function in a small form factor, ideal for the traveling or compact workbench.

In Box:

1 x 10:1/100:1 Probe included in box
1 x USB cable


- USB interface plug & play 

- Automatic setup

- Waveforms can be exported as Excel/Word files

- Spectrum analyser (FFT)

- External trigger input

- Cursor measurements

- Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

  • Technical Specifications

    Channels : 2.0
    Impedence rating : 1.0MΩ
    Bandwidth : 20.0MHz
    Sampling Rate : 48M Sa/Sec
    Input Coupling : DC
    Triggers : Rising edge / Falling edge
    Trigger Modes : Auto / Normal / Single
    Mathematical Operations : Add / subtract / multiply / divide / FFT
    DC accuracy : 3.0%
    Vertical sensitivity : 10mV/div - 5V/div
    Vertical Resolution : 8bit
    Width : 206.0mm
    Height : 37.0mm
    Depth : 123.0mm
    Weight : 453.0g