Gas Leakage Detector

Gas Leakage Detector

Gas leaks can be incredibly dangerous, even small ones. Run a quick check over your campervan, caravan or gas powered devices to make sure all outlets are safely sealed. Hold the power button for a few seconds and then place the detector near the suspected leak and visual/audible warnings will sound if the leak is bad, moderate or safe. Red (Hi), orange (Lo), and green (safe) LEDs denote the severity of the leak.

Indications include:

Green - Power on with short beep / safe with no alarm 
Yellow - Lo alarm with short beep >2000ppm (0.2%) of methane (natural gas) detected 
Red - Hi alarm with long beep >4000ppm (0.4%) of methane (natural gas) detected


• Measurement ranges: 0-10,000 ppm 
• Power on: Press and hold for 3 seconds 
• Auto power off: Approximately 3 minutes 
• Sensor detects butane, propane, acetylene, and methane (natural gas) 

  • Technical Specifications


    Length : 165.0mm
    Width : 27.0mm
    Depth : 21.0mm
    Battery used for : Main Product
    Size / Shape : AAA
    Battery quantity : 2.0pc
    Batteries can be replaced by user : true