Hand-held Anemometer with Separate Sensor

Hand-held Anemometer with Separate Sensor

A sophisticated handheld anemometer with the sensor separate from the display. Provides simultaneous display of wind and temperature. Extend the sensor to reach clear airflow in turbulent areas or out a window when checking external conditions. Also ideal for measuring air flow within equipment without having the display obscured.


• Air speed in metres/sec; km/hr; feet/min; miles-per-hour; knots
• Air flow in cubic metres/minute; cubic feet/minute with adjustable air flow area
• Data hold
• Records minimum, maximum, and average reading
• Auto power off
• Ball bearing mounted sensor impeller
• LED backlit LCD screen

  • Technical Specifications

    Outdoor / Exterior Scale : 0.0°C, 50.0°C
    Wind Speed Range : 1.4km/h, 108.0km/h
    Measures Wind Direction : false
    Displays speed in km/h : true
    Displays speed in knots : true
    Length : 162.0mm
    Width : 62.0mm
    Depth : 30.0mm
    Size / Shape : AAA
    Battery quantity : 3.0pc
    Batteries included : true
    Batteries can be replaced by user : true
    Compartment location : Back
    How is battery compartment kept closed : Screw
    Dimension for : Sensor
    Length : 155.0mm
    Width : 76.0mm
    Depth : 38.0mm
    Cable length : 1.2m