Pro High Temperature Non-Contact Thermometer

Pro High Temperature Non-Contact Thermometer

This professional infrared thermometer allows you to measure high temperatures with safety. With a range of -50 to 1000° Celsius, it's suitable for lab, furnace, forge and small-scale foundry work. The laser pointer allows for accurate placement of the measurement point and the 30:1 distance-to-target ration allows for accurate measurement from greater distances. The unit can be mounted on a tripod with trigger lock for unattended min/max logging.
Supplied in a robust blow-moulded case.


• Adjustable emissivity
• Min/Max/Avg/Difference logging
• Backlit LCD
• Tripod mount

  • Technical Specifications

    Measures in Celcius : true
    Outdoor / Exterior Scale : -50.000000°C, 1000.0°C
    Measures in Fahrenheit : true
    Outdoor / Exterior Scale : -58.000000°F, 1832.0°F
    Records Minimum : true
    Records Maximum : true
    Data Hold : true
    Relative Measure : false
    Length : 230.0mm
    Width : 56.0mm
    Height : 100.0mm
    Size / Shape : 9V
    Battery quantity : 1.0pc
    Emissivity : 0.1 
    Optical Resolution : 30:1
    Special Features : Laser Targeting, Trigger Lock, Dual Display, Low Alarm
    Sample Rate : 1.0Hz