Pro Sound Level Meter with Calibrator

Pro Sound Level Meter with Calibrator

Suitable where accuracy, repeatability or validation is required. This sound level meter also includes a calibrator so you can verify and authenticate your results. Scales for A and C weighting are included so it is ideal for vehicle noise testing, race scrutineering, traffic or aircraft noise testing or any evidence-based noise testing. Rugged and easy to operate for the garage environment It also has analogue outputs so you can connect it to other equipment such as spectrum analysers. Conforms to IEC 61672-1 Class 2 for sound level meters.

• Compliant with Type 2 (Class 2) standards
• A & C weighting scales
• Tripod mounting thread
• External calibrator
• Maximum hold feature
• Min/Max measurement
• Over and under-range display
• Analogue outputs
• Fast and slow response
• Backlit LCD
• Accuracy: ±1.4dB
• Calibration: 94, 114dB
• Update: Every 0,5 seconds

Note: Must be connected to a PC to operate as a datalogger.

  • Technical Specifications

    Weighting : A Weighted, C Weighted
    Frequency Range : 31.5Hz, 8000.0Hz
    Response : Fast/Slow
    Dynamic Range : 50
    Resolution : 0.1
    Display Type : LCD
    Length : 278.0mm
    Width : 76.0mm
    Depth : 50.0mm
    Size / Shape : 9V
    Battery quantity : 1.0pc
    Batteries included : true
    Batteries can be replaced by user : true
    Compartment location : Back