TankPro TP250 Mineral Spa Sanitation Unit

Experience a Natural Spa like no other using Natural Ocean Minerals.....


The TankPro Mineral Spa Sanitation unit provides effective, stand alone sanitation of your spa whilst you enjoy the health benefits of soaking in natural enriched spa water.

Your spa will feel Silky Soft whilst using a combination of natural ocean minerals, aiding in relieving aches, pains, a reduction in stress & anxiety, all whilst detoxifying your body.

The natural ocean minerals added to your spa will aid those suffering from allergies & skin conditions.

There are No Toxic chemicals added to the water, the TankPro Mineral Spa sanitation unit makes its own sanitizer for your spa, directly within the water using these natural ocean minerals.

Simple to Install & Operate...

Add the Natural Minerals to the Spa.

Plug in, turn on & drop the TankPro cell into the side of the spa.

Let the unit sanitize the spa, test & remove when done.


  • Stand alone Mineral Spa Sanitation Unit

  • Kills & Destroys all harmful bacteria & viruses.

  • Silky Soft Spa water.

  • Healthier to Spa in, enjoying the benefits of soaking in Magnesium.

  • Low Maintenance & Long Life Operation.

  • No Purchasing dangerous & hazardous sanitation chemicals.

  • No Handling of dangerous & hazardous sanitation chemicals.

  • No Storing of dangerous & hazardous sanitation chemicals.

  • Safe & Simple to use & operate.

  • Works Worldwide on any mains voltage.




WARRANTY - 2 Years Manufacturing Defect Free Warranty.​

All units are supplied with Power Plug or Adapter suited to Country of Purchase.