TankPro TP250 Water Sterilizing Treatment Unit (for Greywater Tank Treatment)

AQUAELECTRA Manufactures the award winning TankPro TP250 water sterilizing unit for Greywater tanks.

The Tankpro TP250 unit sterilizes & maintains sterility of the water in greywater tanks, collected from showers, sinks & baths for reuse in domestic & commercial toilets.


By reusing collected, sterilized greywater for toilet flushing, precious drinking water is saved, Town or city water drinking water supplies are saved.


  • TankPro aids in protecting the environment by treating the water before it is allowed to enter waterways, creeks, estuaries & rivers.


  • TankPro eliminates odours, smelly stagnant water problems that are commonly associated with catchment water storage.


  • TankPro kills mosquito larvae and helps prevent all water borne related diseases associated with mosquitoes (such a Dengue Fever).


  • TankPro removes Tannin Staining from the water, commonly found in tanks from leaf, bark & other organic matter washed into the tank from gutters & catchment areas.


The TankPro unit makes the grey water safe, killing harmful micro-organisms, bacteria & viruses, whilst maintaining and protecting the water.


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