TankPro TP250 Water Sterilizing Treatment Unit (for Rainwater Tank Treatment)

AQUAELECTRA Manufactures the award winning TankPro TP250 water sterilizing unit for Rainwater tanks.

The TankPro TP250 Unit Sterilizes stagnant stored rainwater, killing all harmful bacteria & viruses, eliminating odours & foul smell, killing mosquito larvae and removing tannin staining from the water.


The Tankpro TP250 unit sterilizes & maintains sterility of the water in rainwater tanks allowing safe water for consumption, human contact & the washing of food & vegetables in domestic & commercial uses.


  • TankPro aids in protecting the environment by treating the water before it is allowed to enter waterways, creeks, estuaries and rivers.


  • TankPro eliminates odours & smelly stagnant water problems that are commonly associated with catchment water storage.


  • TankPro kills mosquito larvae and helps prevent all water bourn related diseases associated with mosquitoes (such a Dengue Fever).


  • TankPro removes Tannin Staining from the water, commonly found in tanks from leaf, bark & other organic matter washed into the tank from gutters & catchment areas.


Rainwater can become severely contaminated with pathogenic (disease causing) organisms introduced into the water through faecal contamination.


Faecal contamination found in rainwater tanks is often due to birds & other small animal droppings being washed into the tank from the roof or catchment areas. Once these organisms enter the water storage facility, they continue to breed. Left untreated, they can cause serious illness (or in extreme cases, death) in anyone that consumes or has contact with the diseased water.


The TankPro unit makes the water safe, killing and protecting the water from these harmful micro-organisms, bacteria & viruses.


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