TankPro TP250 Water Sterilizing Treatment Unit (for Wastewater Tank Treatment

AQUAELECTRA Manufactures the award winning TankPro TP250 water sterilizing unit for Wastewater tanks.

AQUAELECTRA manufactures the award winning TankPro TP250 Waste Water Sterilizing Treatment unit designed for Aerated Waste Water Treatment Systems. (AWTS)


The TankPro unit produces 100% available chlorine, onsite and directly within the disinfection chamber / treatment tank of the AWTS, treating all effluent before it is discharged to the environment.


Advantages / Benefits


  • Simple to Install - No installation of pipework or fittings


  • Compact, Durable & Lightweight


  • Produces 100% available chlorine directly within the treatment tank


  • Requires no added chemicals to operate


  • Economical to run. <60 watts Power Consumption


  • Operates on a Safe, Low DC Voltage. (TankPro Cell)


  • Can operate directly from a solar panel


  • Does not add harmful chlorine by-products to the environment


  • No purchasing or replacing of dangerous chlorine chemicals


  • No Storage or Handling of dangerous chlorine chemicals


  • Long Service Life


  • Simple to operate & maintain


  • Eco-Friendly to the Environment


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