WATERMAID EcoBlend RP13 (Low Salt) Self Cleaning Salt Water Chlorinator

Imagine a chlorinator that runs on traditional salt, or any mineral salt blend you choose. That’s exactly what you get with the EcoBlend® chlorinator. It works with traditional salt, mineral salt blends, magnesium chloride blends, and any other commercially available salt blend.

Made of premium materials and packed with useful features, the EcoBlend® chlorinator provides best in class performance and maximum reliability. It’s the most advanced chlorinator in the market.

The Watermaid EcoBlend Salt Water Swimming Pool Chlorinator is an all in one salt and mineral blend compatible chlorinator. Packed with many features, the Watermaid EcoBlend Salt Water Swimming Pool Chlorinator is buit for Performance & Reliability by one of Australia's most reputable manufacturer of Salt Water Swimming Pool Chlorinators.


EcoBlend® Power Supply features:

  • Self-cleaning reverse-polaritySalt, mineral or mineral-blend compatible
  • Battery-backed clock with 6 inbuilt timers
  • Boost / superchlorinate feature
  • Safety backwash feature
  • Pump protection feature
  • Adjustable chlorine output
  • Optional ultra low salt model, operates as low as 1000 ppm salt3 operating modes - Summer/Winter/Spa
  • 3 Year Warranty*


RP13 Cell (Low Salt)

  • Output of 30 grams per hour of 100% available chlorine
  • Capacity of 100,000L in mild/temperate conditions (or 50,000L in tropical conditions)
  • Compatible with the EcoBlend® Power Supply, which uses reverse polarity technology (the most up to date technology available)


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