WATERMAID EcoBlend RP13 Replacement Cell

WATERMAID EcoBlend RP13 Replacement Cell

EcoBlend® RP13 Cell - Price on Request


  • Output of 30 grams per hour of 100% available chlorine
  • Capacity of 100,000L in mild/temperate conditions (or 50,000L in tropical conditions)
  • Operating salt level: 1,000 - 2,000 ppm
  • Compatible with the EcoBlend® power supply, which uses reverse-polarity technology (the most up-to-date technology available)


Please Note: Replacing EcoBlend® Cells:

There are four different sizes of cell to suit the EcoBlend® power supply. The number next to RP reflects the number of plates in the cell.

Please check the barcode label on the EcoBlend® power supply (found on the underside of the unit) for the model information, as this will determine the correct size for a replacement cell. For example: a power supply barcode showing WM44-7|xxxxx will require an RP-7 Cell.