Environmentally Friendly

Water Treatment & Water Sterilization


Water Treatment | Water Sanitation | Water Sterilization

Water Treatment designed for Stored & Collected Water

TankPro Water Sterilizing Units.

  • Kills all harmful water borne microorganisms, bacteria & viruses.

  • Eliminates odors & foul smelling water.

  • Kills mosquito larvae & water borne mosquito related diseases.

  • Removes Tannins from the water. (brown staining)

  • Keeps the water in your Rainwater / Greywater tank safe & sterile.

  • Keeps the water in your Spa / Swim Spa safe & sterile.

  • Aids Safe Water Sanitation Projects developing countries.

Easy to Install - Simple to Operate - Easy Maintenance

TankPro units work on any mains voltage - Worldwide


2012 - Product Innovation of the Year

The TankPro TP250 Water Sterilizing Unit won this highly competitive category for its environmentally friendly, chemical free water sanitation unit.