The TankPro TP250 Water Sterilizing Unit.

Facts & Frequently Asked Questions.


Please review the Facts & Frequently Asked Questions below to aid in answering any questions you may have regarding the TankPro product.

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Q. How much chlorine does the TankPro unit produce ?


The TankPro TP250 water sterilizing unit model is capable of producing up to 5 Grams / Hour of 100% Available Chlorine.

The table below shows the full Chlorine Production Table equivalent amounts of Liquid or Granular Chlorine.





Q. What type of Chlorine does the TankPro unit produce ?


The TankPro unit produces 100% available chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite), safely onsite, directly within the water.


Q. How is the amount of chlorine controlled or limited ?


The TankPro units chlorine production can easily be controlled by the use of a simple time-switch regulating the on / off times of the unit & chlorination levels produced.


Q. Can the TankPro unit produce too much chlorine ?


Yes. The TankPro unit will convert naturally occuring minerals within the tank water to chlorine. Testing for chlorine is done with a simple chlorine test kit, available from TankPro, any pool shop, home depot store and even supermarkets.






Q. What factors affect the rate of TankPro chlorine production.


  • Mineral Salt Content  - Higher or lower Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels will determine the amount of chlorine production.


  • Water Temperature - Water temperature is determined by environmental factors, generally season or area dependent. Warmer water temperatures will result in a greater level of chlorine production. Cooler water temperatures will result in lower levels of chlorine production.


  • Calcification of the TankPro Electro-Cell - The TankPro cell accumulates over time, calcium scale from the water. Heavy calcification on the TankPro cell will limit chlorine production.


  • Age of the TankPro Electro-Cell - A TankPro cell will on average last 5 - 10 years. As the precious metal coating on the TankPro electro cell wears, chlorine production will be less.


Q. Will the TankPro water treatment system corrode my Galvanised / Steel tank ?


No. The water in any stored water tank is only as corrosive as what is in the makeup of supply water. The TankPro unit does not add any corrosive chloride ions to the water. The TankPro unit recycles chloride ions that are naturally occuring in the water supply / source and converts them to chlorine by electrolysis. The TankPro water treatment system does not add corrosive chloride ions to the water that causes corrosion of iron & steel, unlike the manual addition of chlorine chemicals that add corrosive chloride ions to the water & accelerate the corrosion of metals.


Q. Will drinking or having contact with chlorinated water cause cancer ?


There is no scientific evidence anywhere to prove that chlorine causes cancer. There are theories & myths or people stating such untruths that are selling alternative water treatment methods.


All water supplied by mains water suppliers throughout the world commonly use chlorine to disinfect drinking water.

Chlorine is the preferred method of water disinfection, recommended by government authorities.


Q. What harmful diseases, bacteria & microorganisms are a threat to human health from untreated water ?


Typhoid, Cholera, Diarrhea, Jaundice, Giardiasis, Amebiasis, Paratyphoid, Gastroenteritis, Roundworm, Hookworm, Guinea Worm, Whipworm, Amoebic Dysentery, E.Coli, Legionella, Staphylococcus, Hepatitis A, Rotavirus, Poliovirus & Cryptosporidium.


Contaminated water risks are a prevalent factor in all stored water sources. Awareness, prevention, water treatment & water sterilization can sustain & provide clean sterile water. Maintaining water in a sterile state prevents the ability to cross contaminate & spread disease.


Q. What maintenance does TankPro require ?


The TankPro unit requires minimal maintenance involving keeping the TankPro electro-cell clean & free of calcium deposits that naturally form on the cell. Cleaning is a simple & easy procedure. Please refer to the TankPro Operations Manual which can be downloaded on the Product Support page.


Q. Why is the TankPro TP250 water sterilizing unit system a better than other forms of treatment ?


The TankPro unit provides & maintains stored & collected water in a sterile state by using naturally occurring mineral salts, already found within the stored water. There are no chemical biocide additives to the water system, no measuring, no chemical storage, no harmful biocides or by products or wastes released into the environment.


Unlike other forms of water treatment, The TankPro water treatment system allows the water to maintain a low level of residual free chlorine in the water. By maintaining a free residual level of chlorine of the water, the water remains protected against an influx of contamination or bacteria & micro-organisms, which is quickly sterilized by the the residual chlorine already in the water.


Other forms of water treatment will only treat water as it exits the water source. Serious contamination is still a threat in the stored & collected water and not all of the contaminated water may be treated. TankPro eliminates this problem.


It should also be noted that TankPro works effectively & in conjunction with other water treatment & filtration systems where a primary & secondary treatment system is required by law.


Q. Once installed, how much will the TankPro unit cost to operate ?


The TankPro unit operates on minimal power consumption. On average the unit will cost 10 - 15 cents / day in electricity costs (if run from the TankPro power supply, 24hrs per day) & is dependant upon your electricity suppliers tariff schedule.

Q. How often should I check & clean the TankPro cell ?


It is recommended to check the TankPro cell for calcification on a monthly basis.


The TankPro cell should be as necessary. This will be when there is a deposit of white calcium on the cell electrodes, impeding chlorine production. The rate of calcium scale buildup and cleaning frequency depends upon the calcium hardness level of the water.


On average, the cell will require cleaning every 3 - 6 months.


Q. Is it safe to place the TankPro cell into the water with the power pack plugged into the mains supply ?


Yes. The TankPro water treatment cell unit works on a safe, low DC voltage and the cell can be immersed into the water while power is applied to the cell. Under No circumstances should the TankPro Power Pack or connectors joining the TankPro Power Pack & Cell be immersed or submerged into the water.


Q. Is it safe to touch or come into contact with the water when the TankPro cell is operating ?


Yes. The TankPro cell operates on a safe, low DC Voltage only.


Q. Is it safe to leave the TankPro unit operating if I am absent / away from the treated water for extended period of time ?


Yes. The TankPro unit can be left unattended for extended periods of time. It is recommended that if water remains stagnant and unused for extended periods of time that the water be tested for an acceptable level of chlorine before use.


Q. Will calcium scale build up on the inside wall of the water tank  due to extended or overuse of the TankPro unit ?


No. Calcium scale buildup will not occur on the tank walls or the associated pipework as a result of using the TankPro water treatment system.


The TankPro cell will draw calcium from the water, forming on the TankPro cell electrode. Calcium is removed from the water when the cell is cleaned, reducing calcium hardness levels and problems associated with hard water / high calcium levels.


Q. Calcium has formed on the TankPro cell, will it be harmful if ingested by humans or livestock and will it pose a threat to fauna, vegetable / vegetation growth in the garden or farm system ?


No. No harm can occur. It is recommended not to physically ingest the calcium scale on the TankPro cell (either by humans or animals). Any calcium scale can be safely discarded into the garden or soil. It is a natural mineral. Calcium Facts.


Q. Should I clean my tank of sludge or buildup of leaves formed prior to the installation and use of the TankPro water treatment system ?


It is recommended to start the tank system with a source of clean, fresh water and a clean tank, free from dirt, sludge & debris. It is recommended that catchment areas also be free of leaf & organic matter that may end up in the tank.

If preventative measures and maintenance are adhered to prior to the installation of the TankPro unit, optimum levels will be achieved when in operation. If appropriate tank maintenance is not done prior to the installation and use of the TankPro unit, it may take considerably longer before water sterility is obtained and a sterile environment is achieved.


In older tanks, sludge & sediment may have built up as a result of minimal or no tank maintenance. It is advisable that in order for your TankPro unit to properly sustain & maintain a sterile environment, previous build up be removed.